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Reputation of Jiucheng old wine
The company purchased the original liquor for development and sales in China Fenjiu City, the origin of China's famous liquor. China Fenjiu city is located in Xinghua village, Shanxi, the world's top ten core liquor producing areas, covering an area of 500 mu, an antique building area of 1.58 million square meters and a brewing workshop with a building area of more than 20000 square meters; Nearly 250 thousand fermented ground tanks, each year, produce 60 thousand tons of quality raw liquor and 200 thousand tons of liquor. Chinese Baijiu is the most important. Taiyuan Ruisi Fante Trading Co., Ltd. Trade Co., Ltd. is buying the original liquor on the basis of the base liquor of such high quality Baijiu original liquor. According to the different needs of the market consumers, we have custom-made and manufactured all kinds of products to be sold nationwide. The company's sales channels are all over the country, with an annual sales volume of about 5 million yuan. Nearly 20 agents have been established or signed to distribute products in all provinces and regions.
Delicious Jiucheng old wine
Jiucheng old wine is connected with China Fenjiu City distillery all the way and carefully brewed with modern production technology. It is soft, sweet, quiet and refreshing in the mouth and has endless aftertaste
  • Wine culture
    As early as 5000 years ago, the Neolithic civilization here had a history of brewing. A large number of pottery dishes and wine vessels unearthed from the Jianwei city site (Neolithic Age) in Zhangshu City, as well as the exquisite bronze vessels from the Wucheng site (yin and Shang Dynasties). There are mainly site liquor, GUI liquor, Zhangjiajie liquor, Maotai liquor, Xifeng Liquor, Wuliangye, Shuanggou Daqu, Yanghe Daqu, gujinggong liquor, Jiannanchun, Luzhou Laojiao, Fen Liquor, Yilite, Dong liquor, shanyanwang, bawangzui, Jinmen sorghum liquor, etc.
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